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Bean Lures 52 mm Crank Bait

Bean Lures 52 mm Crank Bait

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We are excited to have these,

Introducing the 52mm Floating Crank Bait.

Has a weight of 8.6g so you can get great casting distance. Dives to 2.4m or 8ft in old terms and has a Suttle rattle to grab the attention of the fish.

With the strong split ring and trebles you do not have to refit this lure with new hardware, this mean it's ready go out of the box.

Great for Bass, Yellow belly, Sooty Grunter, Silver Perch, Flathead, Bream and many other species you find in Rivers, Dams and Estuaries.

All you have to do in JUST FLICK EM.



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